D-NAIL® Titanium Dabber

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The Spaded Shovel dabber:

Our initial reviews came in as "Nothing about this we don't love."

Unc 10-24, fits all of our threaded parts as well as Happy Daddy and Highly Educated (Happy Daddy used to make all of them).

The tip, machined separately and welded/polished. We considered a great many options. Ultimately, we decided forging was not precise enough and casting was too brittle. The time and effort to execute these us well worth it, and they truly stand out as heirloom quality tools.


The Forked dabber:

The forked tip is designed for easy application of your product to the nail. The sharp edges and tips help cut through hard material instead of piercing and shattering it. The prongs are thicker than comparable forked dabbers, making them bend-resistant. The compact-tip design allows for easy heat transfer so that more of your material melts into the dish instead of staying attached to the tip. The handle features an ergonomic curve designed for comfort and control while matching the aesthetics of the Generation 2 Carb Cap.