Clearance Curated Set: 28mm Toric Savant Banger with 30mm Bubble Turbine Cap, Double Bubble

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A full kit bundle with everything needed.

28mm Toric Savant Banger (Pukinbeagle 2019 production) paired with a Quartz Bubble Cap with Trubine Engine which provides powerful spin of a 5mm Diamondium™ Sphere along the curved bottom track for a highly efficent set up that can handle high compacity without splash and/or loss down the neck.

*As is, the banger and cap set have noticable bubbles in the quartz. These bubbles do not effect function or duribility.

Set Includes:

  • 28mm Toric Savant Banger, Pukinbeagle 2019 production *As Is
  • 30mm Quartz Bubble with Trubine Engine *As Is
  • 5mm Diamondium™ Sphere
  • 4/5 Steel Sphere Tong Tool
  • 14mm PTFE Joint Protector
  • Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs, 50 Pack small size 

28mm Toric Savant Banger, Pukinbeagle 2019 production:

A masterfully produced 28mm Dish Toric Savant Banger, designed specifically to accommodate a sphere along a toroidal track where surface area is maximized, ensuring efficient and rapid vaporization.

Beveled Upper Rim

* This banger has a bubble in the quartz tube that form the neck which does not effect function or duribility.

Diameter Inner:  
Diameter Outer:  28mm
Wall Thickness:  
Dish Depth:  
Dish Depth to Arm:  
Bottom Thickness:  
Bottom Diameter:  


30mm Bubble Trubine Cap

Bubble Trubine Caps are for those who want the absolute best function in regards to an effortlessly powerful spin, thick vapor and a notably lower vapor point. These caps outpreform expectations as cross-discipline precision tooling and assembly parts.

* This Bubble Turbine Cap has a bubble in the nozzle disk which does not effect function or duribility.

Diamondium™ Sphere, 5mm

Diamondium™ is our trade name for a sophisticated nanocrystal that has redefined our expectations on flavor - the pinnacle of dab experiences.

  • First rate flavor
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Very easy to clean