Borosilicate Channel Cap: Blue

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Channel Caps are a literally sideways approach carb caps, utilizing carefully designed and crafted air channels rather than conventional holes. The fluid dynamics are rather complex, but in short, we have developed a system where 8 directional intakes can be applied reasonably universally to any banger style nail for first rate rotational energy and unmatched splash resistance.
Retticello & Vortex pattern covers a functional range of 16-30mm bangers, optimal at standard 25mm bangers.
Octagram & Pinwheel pattern covers a functional range of 20-25mm bangers, and optimizes airflow across beveled nails.
Coin shape is flat on both sides.
Lens shape is flat on one side and convex on the other; offers slight variation in airflow, particularly with beveled nails.
Made from precicion cut and optically polished borocilicate glass.
Functional Patterns by Awaken Design
Coldwork by Intrinsic Sands