Quartz Channel Cap 48mm

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**Update Dec 4 2019**
These caps are flying out the door, and we are trying to get ahead of variants.
Double sided quartz coins are in stock, 35mm lens cut will be ready this weekend - the other variants are in production and will ship within one week.
Sorry for any delays, we are making them as fast as we can.
Channel Caps are a literally sideways approach carb caps.
Available in optical grade quartz in 35 and 48mm, as well as high purity borosilicate in 38mm.
All accommodate 25mm bangers.
35mm quartz and 38mm boro fit smaller bangers and Peak or Carta style rigs - and are excellent anti splash caps for portable battery powered rigs.
35mm quartz accommodates smaller nails, while 48mm accommodates virtually every banger from 20 to 35mm.
Each is carved double sided not just for aesthetics, but because the curved and flat sides offer slight variations in airflow, particularly with beveled nails.
Available currently in two basic patterns, octagram and retticello (8star and retti for short), the octagram delivers a slight improvement in performance on beveled nails.
Part of an ongoing collaboration with D-Nail, Change Glassworks, and Awaken Design, these caps caps operate utilizing carefully designed and crafted air channels rather than conventional holes.
The fluid dynamics are rather complex, but in short, we have developed a system where 8 lateral directional intakes can be applied reasonably universally to any banger style nail for first rate rotational energy and unmatched splash resistance.

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    Love it

    Posted by Allisha on Apr 29th 2020

    I'm still waiting for my new 30mm banger to arrive, but I've been using this 48mm cap on my 20mm banger with a 4.5mm sic pearl and it spins great! Excited to use it on the 30mm banger when it gets here!