Black Market Glass 24mm Blender

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The 24mm Blender is meant to optionally be paired with a carb cap.  It's a beast of a nail with massive capacity, but complimentary spinner caps have it processing gram+ without losing a drop.  Not for everyone, but definitely for some.


Tall version is approximately 2.1 inches from stem to dish.  Regular is 1.6.


Accessory notes:

Upper rim 20mm inner, 24mm outer.  Ideally paired with marbles 21-24mm.  Also fits any normal banger cap, but ideally paired with low airflow spinners.

The channels are designed to work with 6mm+ spheres without interference.  Anything that fits in a banger fits this, and then some.


Please allow up to two weeks to process, nails may need to be made to order.