24mm Blender™

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The 24mm Blender is a beast of a nail with massive capacity, but complimentary spinner caps have it processing gram+ without losing a drop.  Not for everyone, but definitely for some!

The Blender has powerful centrifugal action so the walls of the dish become a primary work zone for vaporization. The whole spectrum of accessories comes into play with the Blender; spheres add heated mass and lower the work zone.

24mm Blender by Black Market Glass (V1 2021)
Reg Dish Height:  ~40mm
Tall Dish Height:  ~50mm
Dish Rim:  20mm Inner Diameter, 24mm Outer Diameter
Topper:  22-24mm Marbles/Sphere/Round, Apex Cap Long or Short Cone
Spinner:   up to 18mm, 6mm+ Spheres will spin without hitting the channels

Anything that fits in a 24mm banger fits this, and then some.

Used items can not be returned. Please inspect your purchase carefully BEFORE first use: clean, review, test airflow. Contact us within 2 weeks of order delivery with any problems. Unused items can be returned for refund or exchange.