Awaken Eyes Quartz Banger Curated Set

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Set Includes:

  • Quartz Banger, 24mm Dish, 14M 90 from Black Market Glass, Kaleioscope Eye by Awken Design, Coldwork by Intrinsic Sands
  • Your Selection of: Quartz 48mm Lens or Quartz 35mm Coin
  • 'Bloom' Rainbow Anodized Gr2 Titanium Comet Catcher Tongs, Art by Awaken Design
  • 4.7mm Quartz Comet Sphere
  • 50mm PTFE Coaster
  • PTFE Joint Protector

About the Quartz Banger:

Made by Black Market Glass, 24mm Dish, 14M 90angle

Kaleioscope Eye by Awken Design, Coldwork by Intrinsic Sands

About the Kaleioscope Eye Channel Cap:

Kaleioscope Eye by Awaken Design with functional Vortex Channel Cap pattern

About the 'Bloom' Comet Catcher Tongs:

"Bloom" by Awaken Design is a seed of life on one side and flower of life on the other, but in an evolving pattern.  Part of our 'life in motion' art series, it is also an homage to how what we do transcends simple tools into something much more.

Grade 2 titanium, mirror polished, 5mm heads for spheres.

About 4.7mm Quartz Spheres:

4.7mm JGS2 optical quartz, optical precision, optical polish. This means it is about as pure, perfectly shaped, and perfectly smooth as possible. 

About PTFE:

PTFE Coasters: 50mm x5mm  Nonstick (comparatively), resistant to temperatures up to 500F, and immune to almost all chemicals. From raw material to finished polish, these are the produced to the same standards of critical medical and scientific components.