Quartz eBanger (Pukinbeagle Glass)

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Availablility: Currently, the American quartz industry is running on a 2-8 month lead time. We are trying to keep everything to 4 weeks.  Everything is made to order at present. We do have extras made, and usually have a variety in stock. But, there is no good way to have everything immediately available. We are doing our best to stay ahead of everything to get you exactly what you want.

Quartz E-Banger with Pukinbeagle Glass. Beagle is the godfather of quartz, and working with him is an ongoing honor. In the class of nails, there is none finer.

Sizing & Availability Notes:

We make a lot of products with Beagle, and he is limited in his production capacity. Most nails will be built to order.

14mm male 90 degree will usually be in stock. 10mm male both 45 and 90 will usually be in stock- same with 14mm male 45.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery for anything but the 14m 90, and up to 4 weeks for highly custom nails/heaters.

Each nail, heater, and pin set is carefully inspected, sized, and paired for the best possible fit. Any parts that do not easily fit, whether or not we have paired them, please contact us immediately rather than forcing them together. There are very strict tolerances to avoid risk of breakage.