6 Point Lateral cap

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Among the most powerful tools we have seen, the new line of lateral intake caps is just getting started.

Precision engineered, precision machined - this cap perfectly ecompasses a snapshot of where we are with cap physics.



The first two variants are for 24-25mm bangers and mobile rigs respectively.  The mobile rig variant has a slightly wider rim and slightly less airflow, but still works as a high restriction cap on any flat top nail 16-25

A cap needs the right amount and type of airlfow, and these are as well refined as we can think to make them - balancing ease of use, rotational energy, splash mitigation, and penetration into the liquid layer.


Standard Channel Caps are the most direct comparision, and we see this cap has:

Much better fit and stability (rim)

Much better penetration into the oil (testing with water in a nail and a pump demonstratably aerates the water unlike anything we've seen)

Slightly less splash mitigation (still excellent, but there is a trade off for power)

Less universality (rim)