Curated Set: 24mm Toric Bell Banger with G1 Bubble Turbine Cap and Polycrystalline SiC 5mm Sphere

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A full kit bundle with everything needed.

24mm Toric Bell Banger (2021 production) paired with a Quartz Bubble Cap with G1 Turbine Engine which provides powerful spin of a Polycrystalline SiC Sphere along the curved bottom track for an effortlessly efficient function with no splash and/or loss down the neck.

*As is items in this set have cosmetic imperfections from production, which do not effect function or durability.

Set Includes:

  • 24mm Toric Bell Banger, BMG 2021 production
  • Quartz Bubble with G1 Turbine Engine, Pukinbeagle 2019 production
  • 5mm Polycrystalline SiC Sphere
  • 4/5 Steel Sphere Tong Tool
  • PTFE Joint Protector
  • Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs, 50 Pack small size 

24mm Toric Bell Banger, BMG 2021 production:

A 24mm Toric Bell Banger, designed specifically to accommodate a sphere along a toroidal track where surface area is maximized, ensuring efficient and rapid vaporization.

* These have some minor cosmetic flaws from production that has no effect function or durability.

G1 Bubble Trubine Cap

Bubble Trubine Caps has effortlessly powerful spin, the first edition G1 is entirely handmade with angled intake.

* This G1 Bubble Turbine Cap has opaque patch in the center of the angled intake which does not effect function or durability.

Polycrystalline SiC Sphere, 5mm

Used in the most precise and demanding industrial processes, this is most sophisticated ceramic silicon carbide.