Clearance Curated Set: 24mm Yellow Bottom Banger with V2 Channel Cap

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A full kit bundle with everything needed.

24mm Banger (Yellow Bottom, BMG 2021 production) paired with a V2 Channel Cap with the Pinwheel engine which has a powerful spin for efficent vaporization.

Set Includes:

  • 24mm Yellow Bottom Banger Dish, BMG 2021 production *As Is
  • V2 Channel Cap with Pinwheel Engine *As Is
  • 5mm Diamondium Sphere
  • 4/5 Steel Sphere Tong Tool
  • 14mm PTFE Joint Protector
  • Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs, 50 Pack small size 

BMG 24mm Quartz Banger, Yellow Bottom, 2021 production:

A 24mm dish clear quartz banger with a yellow quartz bottom; the main work zone on these dishes heats faster and glows at a lower temperature to standard quartz.

* As Is: This Banger has an uneven inner dish surface with a divot in the center, this has some limit to function, not recommended with Dish Inserts.

Beveled Upper Rim, Yellow Dish Bottom

Diameter Inner: 19.8mm
Diameter Outer: 24mm
Wall Thickness: 2.1mm
Dish Depth: 34.1mm
Dish Depth to Arm:  19.6mm
Bottom Thickness: 4.7mm


V2 Channel Cap

The V2 Channel Caps feature both handles and stabilizer cones, the latter being the most critical feature. In addition to the mechanical stability, the cone concentrates stray airflow into a secondary vortex- increasing overall power/efficiency.

*As Is: This V2 Channel Cap has some irregular marks in the channels, no effect to function.


Diamondium™ Sphere, 5mm

Diamondium™ is our trade name for a sophisticated nanocrystal that has redefined our expectations on flavor - the pinnacle of dab experiences.

  • First rate flavor
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Very easy to clean