20mm Deep Dish and Encased Coil Heater

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Encased coil heater for ® control units, with a Kanthal nichrome heating coil and approx. 5 foot long kevlar sheath. Heating element is encased in solid metal, allowing for better thermal stability and heat retention than standard or extended life coil heaters. Because the heating element is not exposed to air, oxidation is greatly slowed, allowing for a longer lifespan than even extended life coils. All of our heaters use gold pin XLR connectors for maximum signal connectivity. Encased heaters are heavier than standard and extended life coils, so may not be suitable for some small or delicately balanced rigs. We do not suggest using encased heaters on quartz nails, or at temperatures above 800°F / 425°C.

Compatible with analog and digital ® control stations. For early model digital units (grey square heater plug instead of XLR) please include "1.1 connector" in the order notes on checkout and we will refit with the proper plug at no charge.


  • Available with 10mm, 16mm, or 20mm coil sizes
  • Nichrome heating element encased in solid metal for better thermal stability, heat retention, and lifespan.
  • XLR connector with gold pins, rated for over 1000 mating cycles (plugging in and out of unit)
  • Length: 5 feet (approx.)
  • Cord sheathed in kevlar to protect wiring
  • Compatible with analog and digital ® control stations