1.4 Digital Complete Kit with HALO™ or Nimbus™ [MADE TO ORDER]

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DIGI14-CK-SiC Halo
Made to Order, please allow up to a week for fulfillment

The D-Nail flagship series has been through several iterations, but remains the longest lasting, most stable package available on the market- constructed with the same high quality electronics and paired with the same high quality heaters we have used for years.

The notable change from v1.3 to v1.4 is the enclosure which is made of tough, 1/8” rolled steel and high temperature powder coating- heat resistant enough for a hot nail or carb cap (because someone always puts one down on the controller).  The AC outlet in the back is rated for 10 amps, and will service most devices.

The complete kit includes:

  • D-Nail® 1.4 Digital Control Station
  • Heater and Nail
  • Choice of Carb Cap and/or dabber
  • Comet Catcher Tongs
  • PTFE Joint Protector
  • Comet Spheres
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power cord
  • Warranty

All vaporizers are built and inspected in our workshop in Portland, Oregon, the final step of a supply chain spanning over a dozen countries. Parts and suppliers are carefully vetted and held to extremely high standards. A D-Nail should last years, and we pride ourselves on being there for you if you have any trouble.

Additional notes we sometimes take for granted:

Titanium parts are made from high purity grade 2 titanium. This used to be industry standard, and where many companies have taken to using lower grades to save money, those lower grades have (literally and figuratively) left a bad taste in people's mouths; We stand by ours.

Silicon carbide is high purity sintered silicon carbide; It's a wonder material. Even heating, excellent vaporization, excellent flavor, easy to clean, and unless you cover it in water while hot or hit it with a hammer, it will outlive you.

All nails and components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to shipping.

Heater sheaths are high grade 'Kevlar' (not technially because Kevlar is a trade name for para aramid fibers, but you get the point).

Our heaters are of a different class than what has become industry standar- made of higher quality, tougher, longer-lasting components, and run through a 30+ stage quality control process.

Tons more info: If you can't find the answer to a question, we are usually available on the D-Nail facebook page or @dnailusa on Instagram.

NOTE: All 14mm male joints also function as 10mm female joints.


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    Sapphire Nimbus w/ 1.4 Controller and 48mm Quartz Coin Channel Cap

    Posted by Alaric on Oct 3rd 2020

    Holy ****, this thing is next-next level. The controller is a tank, and the continuous thermostat is nice for pairing with the shock-sensitive sapphire. That sapphire dish though... I was not convinced that it would taste better, but it does, and not a little. Flavors are cleaner, brighter, and sweeter across the board. As an added bonus, the better heat retention seems to make it even more material-efficient than the quart-halo type nail I have from another manufacturer, that's even using a flat coil on the sapphire vs a hybrid on the quartz. Because of the shock concerns, the sapphire is more fiddly to deal with, but well worth the hassle in my opinion. The quartz channel cap is a beast. In addition to perfect function, the thing survived a 4' drop onto concrete unscathed. Not recommended to try out, but that drop resistance speaks to the quality. This set is undoubtedly expensive, but it's also a step beyond in refinement. (I haven't even touched on the tiny things like how luxuriously soft and flexible the heater coil cord is. D-nail really gets the details right.